Steel Cord Conveyor Belt


1.The equipment from Canada is worldly advanced in 1990’s and highlyautomatic;lt can produce quality production,with entire program control.

2.Strong tensilestrength,long-life,little elongation,easytotrough,anti-bent,suitable forlong distance,heavy load and high-speedconveying materials.

3.Prolongation in the usage is small,and tension journey is short.

4.Equal tensile forces among steel wire ,Advanced equipment makes thewires even intervals,which leads to stable running and no deflection.

5.Good adhesive between steel wires and rubber: zinc plated openstructure,and there are good adhesive and penetration between the wiresand rubber,the testingindex of air penetration has reached to internationaladvanced level,excellent integrated belt body,the wires cannot be pulledoff,impact endllrable.


1.Structure:General structure,Cross rigid structure,Anti-tearing iron ring structure.

2.Usage:general,wearable,heat and cold resistant,acid and alkali resistant,flame retardant,ozone resistante type etc.


Conveying materials in coal,mine,harbour,metal-lurgy,power station,chemical eta.field

Product technical specifications:

Overlay physical properties:

Product specification model notation:

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